Présentation – Ken Gunn

Occupiers : Selling the Future.

Occupiers have played a key role in shaping the European outlet industry. A range of occupier business models plus diverse preferences for design, operators, geography and adjacency factors have created the variety of outlet centre formats, price positions and performance we see today.

With a strong development pipeline and vacancies at existing sites, brands have far greater choice of sites than ever before. Operators however, are relatively unsophisticated in the way they present opportunities, while a lack of reliable market statistics makes it is increasingly difficult for occupiers to choose the most appropriate locations.
It is essential for operators to better understand brand requirements and for brands to think strategically about their outlet portfolios. FSP’s presentation will therefore explore opportunities for both operators and occupiers by reviewing;

  • Current scale, distribution and key participants
  • Those outlet brands which have been the most expansive
  • Those brands which have been contracting
  • The characteristics of the most attractive locations (scale, format, positioning etc.
  • Sites which have seen significant improvement
  • How brand choice is changing the nature of industry retail mix
  • Proposed new schemes and capacity for future development
  • Techniques to improve location decision making

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