Lisa Wagner

Lisa has nearly twenty-five years of experience in outlet center marketing, new business and strategic development, and on-going oversight of center performance.  Starting in 1988, she was the Vice President and Director of Marketing for McArthur Glen Group, developing and executing marketing programs for the company’s portfolio, which grew to twenty-two centers until going public in 1994, an effort in which Lisa was instrumental.  In 1995, Lisa was one of the very first American outlet developers to cross over to Europe, establishing the first American-style outlet center in England and ultimately developing centers in Germany, Scotland, Sweden and France, both with McArthur Glen Europe and then as a founding partner in Outlet Centres International, a London-based subsidiary of Lehman Brothers.  For the past ten years, Lisa has returned to her roots in North America, focusing on outlet center development and turnaround projects throughout the continent as a partner in EWB Development.  Like the other EWB partners, Lisa is currently developing The Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay in Texas.  Lisa has overseen the grand openings of over 42 centers in her career and has overseen the marketing programs of over 55 centers around the world.   Lisa’s expertise is much broader than marketing and encompasses the entire strategic positioning and development of outlet centers.  As such, Lisa is a frequent speaker at ICSC and other conferences, a spokesperson for the industry, and is the Chair of the Outlet Marketing Alliance, which represents both developers and retailers.  Lisa heads the Washington, DC Regional Office.

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